A wedding without a videographer is like a cake without the icing. Your wedding day is an auspicious occasion, a rare ceremony in life, to be cherished and reflected upon for the remaining years a couple spends together. In order to recall the special moments, what could be more important than a professionally crafted high definition video which captures all the excitement and nuances of the moments in living color.

We understand how significant your wedding day is to you and therefore put forward our best efforts, utmost skill, and state of the art equipment to make a creative, captivating video that will be treasured by all concerned for years to come and will withstand the tests of time as an artful reminder of the love and friendship out poured on the day. We ensure that while participating in your wedding ceremony we will try to be as unobtrusive as possible in capturing the moments for posterity. It is your day!

Our professionals make sure that all aspects of the production ie. light, sound, composition and exposure are on the mark and in tune. They remain ever vigilant and aware, ready to roll, knowing that a moment lost on camera can’t be seen again unless it is recorded perfectly. We assure you that we won't miss any important moments at your wedding ceremony or during the day in general if we are contracted to shoot at the brides home, the grooms home, the park, and the reception. You may even want candid comments from the wedding party or guests and that we love to do.

The editing of the days footage is a very creative and tedious process. During a given wedding day we may shoot four hours of footage. We recommend that a final cut of no more than an hour be distilled from the lengthy footage with perhaps a 5 minute flashback of the day at the end all put to music with titles and effects. It has been said that you can make or break a movie in the editing room! The same can be said of your wedding video. It takes knowledge, skill, and experience to craft the final masterpiece and we will do that for you.

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