Bernard Shaw once said, through Tanner, one of his characters in "Man and Superman" - "The artist's work is to show us ourselves as we really are. Our minds are nothing but this knowledge of ourselves, and he who adds a jot to such knowledge, creates new mind as surely as any woman creates new men." Movies are the highest collaborative art form and can, in the process of entertaining, educate and transform the viewer.

The making of a movie or televison show requires the work of many artists - performers, directors, musicians, cameramen, lighting crews, steadycam operators, dolly and crane operators, sound technicians, costume and make up artists, continuity personnel, script writers, editors, to name a few. It is a costly undertaking not for the feint of heart.

Piper Media has the knowledge and expertise to put all of the intricate pieces of the production puzzle together and functioning as a unified team.

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