Whether you are an aspiring novice actor or a seasoned professional, you need an up to date, professionally prepared demo reel that shows the range of your performance capabilities. For the novice you may have to script your own material (or leave that to a professional at Piper Media) and perform for the camera or have a videographer tape your workshop or stage performance. For those with experience and material on tape, it is a matter of choosing the best moments available to showcase your talent and range, and editing these into a three to five minute reel. You want to captivate, entertain, inform, and ultimately motivate the viewer to call you when there is an appropriate part available. Editing is a time consuming process so the more prepared you are with the material. the more efficient is the editing process.

At Piper Media we have staff members with professional writing, directing, and acting experience and over 25 years of membership in ACTRA with numerous film, television, and stage credits. You can count on us to give you all the assistance you need in making your demo reel aspirations a reality. With Piper Media you get creative, professional, uncompromising service. We go outside the box to exceed your expectations.

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